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Smart Marketing for Engineers: Build Your Foundation

This ebook provides a guided approach to building your marketing foundation, from company positioning to marketing planning.

  • Position and Plan - Start Here for Best Results
  • Your Website - Where Engineers Go First
  • Content Is King
  • Search Marketing - Get Googlized
  • Direct Marketing - Convert Your Leads to Sales

In-Depth Case Study: TREW Marketing Unveils the Secrets of Its Own Marketing Strategy

How TREW Achieved 50% Revenue and 150% Lead Growth in One Year

  • Building a foundation
  • Getting found and driving traffic
  • Using content to generate demand
  • Engaging and nurturing prospects over time

Website Checklist - Evaluate Your B2B Technical Website

15-point Evaluation on the Most Critical Elements Needed for Your Website

  • Clean home page designs and intuitive navigational paths
  • Landing pages that convert visitors to leads
  • Compelling, succinct, and up-to-date content
  • On-page SEO actions to get found by your audience

Inbound Marketing: 5 Keys to Generating Leads on Your Website

Understanding Inbound Marketing and What it Means for Your Marketing Plan

  • Search engine optimization
  • Blogging and social media
  • Web lead generation
  • Lead nurturing programs

Survey Report: 3 Must-do's for Reaching Technical Audiences

Learn How Engineers and Scientists Want to be Reached

  • How engineers stay informed
  • Search marketing for engineers
  • Tapping into social media

Research Report: Online and Content Marketing to Engineers

TREW Marketing and CFE Media partnered to survey more than 700 engineers and collected insights into what content engineers look for, why they look for it, and how they look for it. 80% of the respondents qualified themselves as in R&D/Engineering or General Management.

Read the report to better understand:

  • How deep engineers will go during online search to find information
  • The content delivery method most engineers prefer
  • The qualities engineers value most in content

Survey Report: Engineer's Content Marketing Preferences

TREW Marketing and CFE Media partnered for a second survey of more than 1,000 engineers and gained valuable feedback into specific content channels and engagement behavior of the technical audience.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • What type of technical online content engineers find most valuable
  • The characteristics of technical content engineers prefer
  • How to increase completion rates on lead forms
  • The most credible elements of blogs and email newsletters

TREW Talks: Webinars on Demand

How Many Leads Do You Need? Calculate Leads-to-Revenue in 3 Minutes - See more at:

Effective Content Marketing to Engineers: Survey Data: TREW CEO and Co-founder Rebecca Geier, along with representatives from CFE Media, conducted a webcast that discussed the results and findings of the TREW and CFE Media industry-first survey of more than 700 engineers primarily in R&D. Watch the Video Now

Part II, Content Planning: Investing in Content for Multiple Uses and Longevity: In the second part of the video, TREW Marketing CEO  Rebecca Geier, explains the process for creating a content plan and shows examples of companies that have used these content marketing methods for their technical audiences. Watch the Video Now

Part I, Content Planning: Plan Your Content to Drive Traffic and Leads: In the video, TREW Marketing CEO  Rebecca Geier, one of The Wall Street Journal’s Ten Most Innovative Entrepreneurs in America, walks through the elements of creating a content plan for your company. Watch the Video Now

3-Step Process to Create Marketing Engineers Love: This in-depth, 25-minute webinar hosted by TREW CEO and Co-Founder Rebecca Geier outlines the three steps you should take when creating your marketing strategy for engineers, including what type of content to create, and when and how to share it. Watch the Webinar Now

Calculate Leads-to-Revenue in 3 Minutes: In this quick tutorial, you'll learn to evaluate how your revenue objective defines the number of customers needed, how many leads it takes to create one customer and how much web traffic you'll need to reach your lead goals.  Watch the Video Now

How to Get Started with Search Advertising: This TREW Talk guides you through how to develop and implement a search advertising campaign, targeted to a technical audience, that increases web traffic and generates leads. Watch the Webinar Now

How to Build an SEO Keyword Strategy: SEO is not just about generating traffic to your site but generating the right traffic to the right area of your site. In this TREW Talk, we review the the the key elements of SEO and how to get started with keyword research. Watch the Webinar Now

Case Studies: In this TREW Talk, we provide you with a free crash course in building lead-generating case studies that will build credibility for your products and services. Watch the Webinar Now

TREW Videos

Video Testimonial: How Silex Increased Web Leads by 430%: See how Silex has realized a 453% increase in average monthly web leads since working with TREW, and a doubling of organic lead conversion since the release of the redesigned website.

Video Testimonial:Marvin Test Solutions Strikes Into Mil/Aero Market with Rebranding Campaign: Learn about how Marvin Test Solutions – formerly Geotest – worked with TREW Marketing to lead its Branding and PR efforts, as it re-launched under its new name and re-positioned to focus on the global mil/aero test market.

Smart Marketing Blog

Updated weekly, Smart Marketing blog is your source for marketing trends and practical advice for improving your B2B technical marketing efforts. Topics include tips to develop compelling content, improve SEO, launch new products/services, and enhance website usability. Read Blog