Virtual CMO

Many small or medium-sized businesses don’t have a dedicated marketing leader or the resources to bring one on. What they do have is a big need to gain awareness, create leads for sales, and show results for their marketing efforts.

TREW’s virtual CMO service includes

  • Project Management
  • Content Reviews
  • Results Analysis

Your Company + TREW Resources = High ROI

A growing company needs a marketing partner to

  • Oversee major launches and campaigns as defined by the marketing plan
  • Ensure activities are executed professionally, timely, and on-budget
  • Coach and mentor internal marketing/support staff and/or contractors
  • Create marketing dashboard and reports to measure the effectiveness of marketing activities
  • Respond to new marketing opportunities and business priorities
  • Manage marketing budget and provide guidance for investments/divestment

With a TREW Marketing virtual CMO, you get the flexibility to determine how and where you expend your marketing efforts and dollars, combined with superior management of the day-to-day marketing tasks that will drive your marketing goals forward.

Our seasoned senior-level staff members have decades of combined experience managing B2B technology marketing programs and teams. We customize our service to the unique needs of your business.

To learn more about Marketing Strategy and Foundation building, download our ebook, Smart Marketing for Engineers: Build Your Foundation

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